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Health Intelligence
Fabiola: My Story

Fabiola Campuzano didn't know she had pre-diabetes.
HealthMine empowered her with personal clinical knowledge.
She engaged to manage her health, and averted diabetes.

"In March I completed my first biometric screening because I wanted to earn my employer’s incentive. I was sure I was healthy; I didn’t have any family history or any symptoms of anything. I was shocked when the results revealed that I was pre-diabetic. That moment was a turning point in my life. A diabetes diagnosis is irreversible, and can take 10-12 years off of your lifespan. I wasn’t going to let that happen. I worked with my doctor to change my diet and turn up the dial on my physical activity. Now, my screenings show no signs of anything. I reversed what could have become inevitable, and I feel amazing.”

Fabiola Campuzano

Health Intelligence
Maribeth: My Story

Maribeth Quinn lost 48 pounds in one year. The power of Personal Clinical Engagement.

“In October I went for my biometric screening and was appalled at my weight, BMI and blood sugar – all three were above normal. I made a decision that day that I would lose the weight, decrease my BMI and hopefully see all my numbers fall into healthy ranges. Fast forward a year later to my most recent biometric screening: I have lost 48 pounds and have gone down six dress sizes. I decreased my BMI by 7 points, and all my metrics are in the normal range. I look good, feel great, and I am saving money on my healthcare premiums each pay period.”

Maribeth Quinn, Director of Financial Aid, JFK Muhlenberg Schools.

Health Intelligence
Michael: My Story

Michael Garcia was diagnosed for hypothyroidism, avoiding a possible stroke. The power of Personal Clinical Engagement

“I never went to the doctor unless I was sick, and even then it was a struggle to get me to go. I was a healthy guy who exercised and ate well, but I had been feeling tired and moody. I did not really give it much thought. When my family's health and wellness plan required me to complete a biometric screening, my blood work revealed that I had significant hypothyroidism. I’m now taking medication daily. If my thyroid issue had not been detected, I could have suffered a stroke or had other significant health problems. Thanks to the early intervention, I am healthy again.”

Michael Garcia, Clark, New Jersey

Empower your life with Health Intelligence

Chances are, you have a massive amount of personal clinical and health data. And chances are, you might not know what all the data means. Understanding your data, and knowing where you stand is the beginning of Health Intelligence. Empowered with intelligence to know what health actions to take. With Health Intelligence, your health decisions are guided with knowledge. Ask your plan sponsor about Health Intelligence, and and be better informed as you write your own better health story.