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Health Intelligence empowers health plans to:

  • Make member data meaningful
  • Bring value to your clients
  • Empower your people
  • Make your members smarter
  • Digitally connect technologies/programs

120,000+ member population on HealthMine’s platform over 3 years decreased overall hospital utilization. Readmission rates reduced by 50%

Health Intelligence in your members' hands

Your members receive private, highly secure personal health data to view 24/7. By tracking changes continuously, HealthMine provides insight into where each member’s health is headed. HealthMine detects disease early. In one plan alone, we discovered 7,100 individuals with diabetes who were previously overlooked.

Health Intelligence: Your Group’s Health Status At Your Fingertips

As your members process thousands of claims, do you know what these numbers mean? Do you have an up-to-the minute dashboard that let’s you know the percent of your group that is healthy, at-risk, and sick with chronic disease? Our population health dashboard gives you a daily window into your group’s health and what actions to take to improve outcomes and lower cost.